Our Proprietary methodology is essential in the cleaning process of fluid systems and piping. Critical components of your fluid system are collection points for the deposits of contamination that will damage servos and many other system components. Simple fluid remediation will not clean these components but will re-contaminate the clean fluid immediately upon re-circulation through the system during start up. Our Ultra High Velocity Flushing Procedures and Technology will clean the entire system to ensure proper operation of the system between scheduled maintenance outages.

The advantage of utilizing TFE Ultra High Velocity Flushing Methodology on recirculating fluid systems is it produces cleaner faster results than any other known method | Eliminate catastrophic failure due to contamination due to recirculating system contamination | Ensure cleanliness and proper operation of lube and control oil system upon initial start-up of new units as well as after scheduled maintenance outages | Return damaged units to normal lube and control system operation after forced outages | Reduce wear rate and failure of seals do to contamination

Turbine Flushing Equipment Corporation has configurations for large Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, and Electro Hydraulic Control Systems.

Lube Oil Flushing

Lubrication System Cleaning

EHC Flushing

EHC System Cleaning and Conversion

Ancillary Flushing

Ancillary Systems Cleaning

Cleaner Faster Reliability.