Turbine Flushing Equipment Corporation maintains a fleet of purpose built equipment exclusively fabricated by us to support our Proprietary Methodology. TFE fabricates pumping units that deliver maximum velocity and volume (up to 7,500 GPM) causing frictional force through cavitational molecular implosion on the walls of the piping. This frictional force scrubs the inside diameter of the piping, removing varnished-on contaminants sending it downstream being removed by our proprietary filtration systems. This contamination is removed withouht recirculating it during the procedure, reducing the duration of the procedure.

TFE has developed a Proprietary Control System for its Reservoir Heating Units that enable the use of selected heater elements. This system is very valuable for Rapid Thermal Shock (RTS) procedures as well as maintaining a predetermined target temperature for the reservoir. This heating system is also valuable for maintaining reservoir temperatures in cold climates for peaking and stand-by units that are started on short notice.