In 1973, our principle developed the Turbine Generator High Velocity Lubrication System Cleaning Procedure from a concept introduced by General Electric Company through their Instructional Procedure No. GEK-25560. Improvements were made to this procedure such as higher velocity flow, external heating systems, lower micron rated journal bearing filtration, and full open flow path circulation rather than sequential flushing flow paths. A more effective procedure (sequence of events) evolved through the experience of performing the flushing services over time.

Our procedure has been applied to virtually all manufacturers, classes, and capacity Gas & Steam Turbine Generators over the last 40 years with satisfactory results on every unit.

Now, TFE has developed an advanced Lube and Control Oil System Procedure that is entitled ” Ultra High Velocity” making a giant leap from the flushing services offered by our competitors.

Velocity is the ratio of flow rate to area of discharge in a given flow path. The higher the flow rate and discharge area, the higher the velocity; the higher velocity, the higher the frictional forces exerted on the piping wall. The higher the frictional force on the piping wall, the more efficient the cleaning effect of the fluid due to molecular “implosion” on the piping wall. With Higher Velocity, higher volume of flow can be achieved. Higher volume aid in the cleaning process by washing the contaminants down stream to the lower micronic, full flow filtration utilized at each component jumper, therefor resulting in a cleaner fluid system in a shorter flushing duration.

Preventive Maintenance Equals Maximum Reliability

Turbine Flushing Equipment Corporation
Mission Statement: Turbine Flushing Equipment Corporation shall endeavor to improve the integrity of Fluid System Modernization through a program of improvement, utilizing an innovative methodology to increase reliability of the Control Lubrication and Generator Sealing System.